Representative Kevin Brady (R-TX 8th)
11th-term Republican from Texas.
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Impeach Obama

Sen. John Cornyn
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Rep. Kevin Brady

February 27, 2013

 Dear Congressman Brady,

We have supported you for some time now and have been pleased with your conservative voting.

We're writing because we are in despair. Americans have forgotten the prosperous past because we recognized our good fortune came from God. Immorality is so widespread that the devil is alive and well in the good old USA. There is no judgment any longer in our countrymen. Which is exactly what the left wants. No judgment ‚Ä" anyone can do anything without any consequences. This is why the secular left is waging such a war against Christians.

Obama has no respect for our past, our founders, the Constitution or the military. He campaigns constantly mouthing out-right lies. He doesn't attend security briefings and doesn't really know what is going on. His recent release of criminals from jails is absolutely an impeachable offense. He nationalized private companies, out maneuvered the Congress by executive orders. His refusal to save the folks in Benghazi or to provide all information to Issa's committee. All impeachable offenses and we both know there are many other such offenses against the Constitution.

In addition, Obama has willfully divided our countrymen without regard for what is best for America. Without morality and integrity he demonizes the rich, businesses, and non-existent racism. We can not survive as the America we were without impeaching Obama.

We BEG YOU to consider impeachment of Obama. Joe Biden is such a joke, I also fear he could do
significant damage. But the real damage to America and The Constitution is coming from Obama. It is imperative to stop the damage.

We still don't have any idea whether he is legally our President or not. Seems like we shouldn't have any doubts. We wish our legislature would do it's job and find out the truth. With the lack of documentations of his birth, schooling, etc., how do we know?

You did such a remarkable job of making a picture of how damaging - and ridiculous Obamacare was/is. Can you create such a picture of how Obama has damaged this country. I'd be glad to help you....I'm pretty good at Power Point.

I know you have so much to do, but PLEASE take the time to consider this.

Magnolia , TX