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11th-term Republican from Texas.
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All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Guns/Weapons:
Second Amendment Rights MUST be protected!

Sen. John Cornyn
Sen. Ted Cruz
Rep. Kevin Brady

February 13, 2013

Currently we are faced with two attacks on our second Amendment rights. These rights we extremely important to our founders and our rights to carry weapons for any reason is our God given rights. It is inviolate.

As Democrats scramble "to do something" after the terrible tragedy in Newton, they are scrambling to take our gun rights away.

Background checks are fine if not overagressive. After all each citizen is guaranteed the right to purchase and own guns. The government absolutely cannot infringe or control the second amendments rights.

I believe we need no changes to the current laws which already intrude upon our rights. The "real" reason in my opinion that we have such tradegies is our world is the lack of moral character and integrity in people. Guns are harmless until one who believes he can do anything he/she wants picks up a gun.

The second attack on our Second Amendment rights is the UN and Obama and Clintons work to give the UN our guns.

I have searched high and low. I've read the UN documents on line and it is obvious they plan to be the only control on guns in the world. It is a complex subject and I'm not sure I can discuss it clearly. I have included below a document I received from "The Last Resistance". I believe they have stated the critical issues and seem to have done fact checks in doing so.


Here is that document:

If you want to understand the future direction, our world is taking on gun control keep your eye on Obama and the United Nations. It is no big secret that the United Nations Disarmament Commission would like the world to give up all of our weapons so that international authorities can keep us all safe from the world’s bad actors. President Obama agrees with this global agenda and U.S. participation in the 2013 U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) negotiations scheduled for March 3, 2013.

Again, no big surprise, since the Obama Administration, in 2009, the year the DOJ launched the “Fast and Furious Operation,” chose to overturn the long-standing Bush Administration policy opposing any U.N. Arms Trade Treaty because it was an infringement on U.S sovereignty, laws and generally just an insanely stupid idea.

What the Obama Administration neglects to tell Americans is that the ATT includes small arms too.

I ask that you be alert to the attacks upon our second amendments and vote against these proposals. 

Magnolia , TX