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17th-term Republican from Texas.
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Rep. Joe Barton

February 22, 2013

 Any new legislation that will have the effect of immediately legalizing illegal immigrants is illconceived. Both Obama's and the eight senators proposals would effectively do this. These plans would give legitimacy (the right to legally be in our country) to something like 11 illegals while denying equal treatment to millions who are still waiting to become legal. It would effectively be amnesty. President Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegals back in the 80's without securing our borders and now we have 11 million. We must secure our borders first.

It appears to me that the Republicans are supporting this to increase the support (votes) coming from Hispanics. I agree we need to do something to win more Hispanic votes. Past history says getting soft on illegals is not the answer. Reagan granted amnesty and still got less than 40% of the Hispanic vote in the next Presidential election. Both George W. Bush and John McCain supported comprehensive immigration reform and still did poorly among Hispanics. Republicans need to give some more thought as to why they have done so poorly among Hispanic voters. Granting effective amnesty to illegals without first securing our borders will only invite millions more illegals into our country as our economy recovers (if it ever does). Please do not do this.

Mansfield , TX