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17th-term Republican from Texas.
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Rep. Joe Barton

February 20, 2013

 Senator Cruz:

I am proud of the work you are doing in the Senate. We need more conservatives like you in Congress who are commited to restoring fiscal sanity and who have the courage to stand up for their principles. We keep talking about cutting spending and lowering our national debt but we keep passing on opportunities to do so and again kick the can down the road. I am disappointed with the Republicans and I can think of no excuse for their behavior other than wanting to get reelected. Unless Obama and the Democrats (and RINOs) are willing to making serious, verifiable cuts to spending and entitlements I believe we should let sequestration occur and refuse to increase the debt ceiling and, if necessary, shut down the government for a while. We have to put a stop to this spending/debt nightmare.

I agree with you that Mr. Hagel should not become Secretary of Defense. He will further weaken our military in a time when we face increasing, major threats around the world. How ridiculous that we want to further reduce our nuclear arsenal and military capability. I agree with all of your remarks but think you should not have wondered aloud that Mr. Hagel might have taken money from foreign governments. Otherwise keep speaking out loudly and often. I hope that you and others can make some real change in the direction our country is being led.

Thank you.

Mansfield , TX