Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX 3rd)
14th-term Republican from Texas.
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Rep. Sam Johnson

March 11, 2013

Dear Congressman Johnson,

I am newly redrawn into your district, being in SE Collin County. I believe this is the first issue on which I've written you. It is my understanding that there was nothing in the recently-passed CR that defunded Obamacare provisions, which means that it left in place funding that already exists.

I know the arguments for incrementalism as a means of achieving legislative goals, but I believe it is high time that we stopped quid pro quo politics and simply stood our ground as conservatives. I believe you should have voted NO on this bill until such point as it was revised to remove Obamacare spending. I realize that it would likely have passed even without your vote, because there are a great many pragmatists/incrementalists in the House. I simply want to ask you to not be one of them, but to stand firm on principle, and let God deal with the fallout.

Lucas , TX