Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX 3rd)
14th-term Republican from Texas.
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Military Tuition Assistance

Sen. John Cornyn
Sen. Ted Cruz
Rep. Sam Johnson

March 11, 2013

Dear ELECTED Officials,

I recently received word, here in the war zone of Afghanistan, that the Tuition Assistance program has been suspended. This is totally unacceptable! Half the reason most enlisted members of the military join the beloved military is to earn a higher education and serve this country. As a working American, I pay taxes back to this country. As a country, you take the hard earned money I've given back to the country, and you give over half of it to prisoners, illegal aliens, habitual drug users, individuals abusing government programs, and individuals on food stamps; most of which aren't contributing a single dime to society, the economy, or the human existence in general. Not only are my tax dollars being spent to provide for those who refuse to provide for themselves, they are being spent to provide for entire countries who refuse to provide for themselves, and not only are they not providing for themselves, we are GIVING them mass amounts of money, and military equipment, while borrowing all the money were handing out from China. How is it we can't figure out how to fix the budget? The above is a pretty good idea of the problem, so can you, who we pay far too much for far too little, come up with a solution to this ridicules problem? I’d greatly appreciate the ability to educate myself, especially since you law makers seem to harp that point to the youth of this nation. I implore you to solve this.

Plano , TX