Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX 3rd)
14th-term Republican from Texas.
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Rep. Sam Johnson

February 26, 2013

This message is not for the president, but rather for all members of congress.  Regardless of your party affiliation, I sincerely hope that you as a member of congress understand that you are just the worst. You are a huge disappointment to the people who elected you. Clearly you care more about gaining political points for your side of the aisle than representing the American public. You've shown yourself to be lazy, greedy, indecisive, and self-interested, and you ought really to feel intense embarrassment about the situation to which you're about to subject us with the upcoming fiscal cliff.

Learn to compromise. Your hyper-partisanship is ruining this country, and after 50 years of living in the US, I'm starting to think with increasing seriousness about moving to someplace else. Congratulations. You've made a proud American want to abandon what is supposed to be the greatest nation on earth.

Your approval rating is at a historic low. Do you see any message here? Do you think this is an accident? Let me assure you that it is no accident: The American people see your motives clearly. You are a selfish phony. You claim to represent us, but you don't.

How can you live with yourself knowing what a poor job you're doing? If you had any self-respect, you'd resign so that someone competent can take over for you. If the average American worker performed as ineffectually as you, they would be summarily fired.

I realize that this message is quite scathing, but we're long past the point of sugarcoating. I want to assure you that the American people are acutely aware of the fact that you are shirking your responsibility as an elected official. Stop obstructing and start compromising.

Plano , TX