Senator John Thune (R-SD)
3rd-term Republican from South Dakota.
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Rep. Kristi Noem
Sen. John Thune

March 12, 2013

 I am extremely disappointed with our government. The refusal of our parties to work together will cause our country to fail. Today my tuition assistance was taking away from me because of this sequester. This means that when I retire from the military I won’t be able to jump into the work force I’ll have to wait years to finish my education. You people are severely messing with others lives and it feels like you do not care. While I serve in Afghanistan getting bombed you decide to get petty and fight instead of making out country what it can be. None of this is my fault but our senators, congressman, and representatives. You all need to put your hate for one another aside and make some good decisions for our country. Stop with the petty fighting and put into place bills and laws that are for the people not to line your pockets and others. I am tired of seeing the greed and hate consume our country. Our politicians need to stop acting like high school kids and fix our country. I cannot get drill bits right now to fix aircraft or safety glasses, because of the lack of responsible adults in our house and senate. Get our budget figured out before it cannot be fixed. I feel as though grade school kids could do a better job than those who are in those positions now and they would do it for far less. Fix our country stop hurting it.