Representative Steve Womack (R-AR 3rd)
4th-term Republican from Arkansas.
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Rep. Steve Womack
Sen. John Boozman

February 26, 2013

 Please stop the political nonsense and do not allow this sequester to take place regardless who is to blame. The previous debt limit crisis caused by congress has devastated our retirement fund and we are only now regaining the money lost. My husband was close to retiring but won’t be able now. This sequester is going to hurt the whole country so badly and it is absolutely unnecessary.

People don’t care who did or said what. What the country sees is the House proposing bills containing your own ideas with no compromise, filler busting other ideas or not allowing them to come to the floor for a vote. When your ideas are rejected you adjourn congress go on vacation most of the time.

This tactic of blocking everything the president has tried to do even when some of his proposals originally came from Republicans, is really undermining our government system and is frightening. You both have some good idea , but he was reelected so please work to get something done.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans have all the answers and is incredible arrogance to think you do. Our system was designed to debate different ideas and incorporate them into the best plan possible even if you don’t agree with everything. I know it is difficult but it must be done.
Thank you.

Russellville , AR