Representative James E. Clyburn (D-SC 6th)
13th-term Democrat from South Carolina.
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Sen. Tim Scott
Rep. James Clyburn
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February 16, 2013

 I am writing again to plead with you members of our congress and white house, please stop tampering with our second amendment rights, this government is creating a panic among law abiding citizens to the point where we are coming to the realization that we may SOON have to take up arms to protect our god given rights! We are realizing what this means for our families and homes and if removing and reinstalling a new government is what is required we are starting to see that this may be our only option, many of our military spec ops community, veterans, and normal law abiding citizens are starting to think this way,We already have enough guns and ammo to see this through , so where does this end ? As a member of the South Carolina unorganized militia I am asking that s.c. bill s247 be passed immediately to ensure that we may stay free. I am in no way threatening any member of our government or agencies , only giving you a perspective from regular people that see the rhetoric and miss information in the media. If gun control as stated by Joe Biden will not curve violence why are you wasting so much time and resources on it! We need to focus on mental health and getting people good paying jobs so that its easier to earn a living than rob and steal. Mr. Obama you said you took what we said to heart and I believed you the first time , I don't now! you are not listening to the people, WHERE DOES THIS END? Again this is not a threat to anyone just a reminder that if I have to defend the oath you all and I took, I WILL !!!

ruffin , SC