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13th-term Democrat from South Carolina.
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Sen. Tim Scott
Rep. James Clyburn
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February 4, 2013

 Please put prison/sentencing reform on the agenda as soon as possible. We simply must address our antiquated laws, especially the "War on Drugs" which has caused the US to have mass incarceration of non-violent offenders, some of them first time offenders w/ridiculously long sentences, even more than violent crimes.. It's putting a big dent in our economy and tearing families apart.. Plus you have so much theft at prisons in the kitchens by inmates and staff.. I have first hand knowledge of this because my son just sent me an email asking me to forward to the fbi and ask his prison be investigated.. He's been incarcerated over 9 years and was a first time conviction w/his drug weights "estimated" and his plea agreement voided and he was elevated to "kingpin" on hearsay and no proof.. while the real kingpin only got 37 months and has several priors.. his lawyer who was paid 15 years w/drug money is still practicing law in Columbia, SC.. Someone masterminded the "coverup" and a lot of people were paid off to bury my son w/a long sentence when he should have been put in rehab (like Ravenel's son).. we didn't have the money or resources to get special treatment. Our justice system is broken and desperately needs reform.. I am a 69 year old mother of a son who is 49 and he's done over 9 years already.. his outdate is 2031.. NO Justice in our case, just a lot of corruption and injustice.. PLEASE HELP!!!

Saint Matthews , SC