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VA Health care

Sen. Tim Scott
Rep. Joe Wilson
Sen. Lindsey Graham

March 18, 2013

Sent this to the news media. Wanted to share. 

I am writing this warning to inform all returning combat veterans who will be using the VA health care system.
President Obama has touted how much he is doing for the veteran, I for one have to disagree that we are a priority. Point in fact; I’ve been in the VA health care system for over 40 years.
I joined the Marine Corps in 1966, went to Vietnam in 1967, got wounded five times and had two ruptured discs in my lower back, spent close to a year in the hospital where one was removed and one was repaired. The second disc never healed so; I was given a medical discharge after almost three years of service only to be left at the mercy of the VA.
I fought the VA for 5 years before they accepted responsibility for the back injury, which landed me on a 100% total permanent disability.
In the early 70’s I contracted phenomena that almost killed me and was sent home with some medication by my VA doctor. He later apologized and said he should have hospitalized me.
In the late 80’s I went to another VA with excruciating back and leg pain when that disc moved and was sent home once again with a bottle of muscle relaxers. I lost the feeling in the leg from hip to toes in the parking lot leaving me partially paralyzed to date.
In 1999 I went to the Augusta VA in Georgia with a lump on my left thigh. The short version is, I was sent home with a deadly cancer and forced to go to a private hospital for an operation after being denied treatment. If military doctors were as negligent they probably would have been brought up on charges, as for the VA, being forewarned is being forearmed.

Warrenville , SC