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3rd-term Republican from South Carolina.
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Sen. Lindsey Graham

March 15, 2013

Do not fall for the bait and switch!

Democrats will put out a bill so extreme as to generate an uproar, then withdraw the bill and admit that they overreach and introduce "more modest" legislation.

Well, the more "modest" gun legislation is none other than Chucky Schumer's 'Universal Background Checks' bill. Sounds reasonable, right? Everybody supports universal backgrounds, right? RIGHT?

Schumer's bill is so convoluted it makes virtually all gun owners potential felons and sets up registration (which ALWAYS leads to confiscation, sooner or later.)

Do not believe anything the Dems say on gun control! Do not try to be bipartisan on this matter! The ultimate goal is to outlaw the private ownership of firearms! Period! One little rule here, one little regulation there. They will take as long as they have to take!


Warrenville , SC