Senator Jon Tester (D-MT)
2nd-term Democrat from Montana.
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Sen. Jon Tester
Sen. Steve Daines

March 15, 2013

 Once again the government is completely off the mark. You folk do not seem to be able to identify a real problem. You keep trying to find solution to symptom, not the actual problem. We had to learn the difference in the first few weeks of tech-school. You never will fix a problem by trying to find solutions to symptoms. You claim you are trying to stop violence and are attacking the same citizens of this country that hold to peace and protection. They are also the ones that fight to maintain peace and protect the rights of the public and maintain the freedoms so many have died for. Now you folks in government attack those same people because of a few sick people that want to kill others for moronic reasons. By limiting weapons, by calling a rifle a bad name like 'assault rifle' which it is not, by trying to force more and more regulations, fixes nothing. This is about as stupid as fixing 'obesity' by limiting eats and drinks. Why don't you folks find someone that can identify an actual and real problem. Then find a real fix and quit attacking the same people that died for your right to be in office. Remember you are suppose to be governing this country in the best interest of the people, not the best interest of the government. Quit stealing rights and privileges and do something intelligent, not political.

Ulm , MT