Senator Jon Tester (D-MT)
2nd-term Democrat from Montana.
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Ammo and gun taxes

Sen. Jon Tester
Sen. Steve Daines

March 12, 2013

 Are you folks completely stupid? I hope like heck you are voting against any more stupid taxes. We already pay over 50% of our income on taxes. We can not have a government that runs this country by stealing all of our money. This is illegal, and if you folks remember we had a revolution and a constitution to stop a 3% tax rate. But to use taxes to try and control use of a product like you folks do with liquor and tobacco is just wrong. You folks are suppose to be providing protection, security, interstate and inter-country trade. NOT limiting our rights and money by taxing. It is time for you to stop this stupid action by government. Any idiot that brings up taxing ammo and guns should be run out of the Congress or White-house on a rail.
Also Stop government land grabs - No more Wilderness, Wilderness Study, Monument land. End the Antiquities Act. Any land grabs must be voted on by the public in the State where it happens, not a bunch of crooked politicians.

Ulm , MT