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5th-term Democrat from Florida.
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Rep. Ted Deutch
Sen. Marco Rubio

February 15, 2013

  Hello my name is Jared Willson and I strongly disagree with an assult weapons ban of any kind and also disagree with a standard capacity magazine ban for a weapon I.e 15 round pistol or 30 round rifle. The amount of bullets in a weapon will not change the fact that their in the wrong hands from the begning I believe we should make background checks harder and more strict. I also believe that their should be more gun education for the people. Putting a ban on magazine capacity and assult rifles will not effect the mass shootings the mass shooting rate stayed the same during the Clinton ban, there are so many guns already out in circulation that the fact is these people will still get their hands on them. There are horrible people out there that do these things and just because there's a few bad people out there please do not take away the rights and freedoms that the good people deseve.

Wellington , FL