Representative Ted Deutch (D-FL 22nd)
5th-term Democrat from Florida.
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Rep. Ted Deutch
Sen. Marco Rubio

February 11, 2013

 We taxpayers are given a lesson on doing our budget annually and sometimes monthly. How hard would it be to withdraw all the pet projects that have no meaning to a Federal Budget. I am sure you can find some as even I can see the garbage coming out of the US Legislature. The trillion dollar deficit is not at all necessary. If it was the war effort that caused it then sobeit; however, all of the pork barrel projects are not necessary. Even we have to tighten our belts and eat less when it looks like we have over spent our budget. How hard could it be to strike all pork barrel projects from the "taxpayer" budget. Face it! It is not your money being spent on all the statues and roads that go nowhere. Also how many millions were spent narrowing our roads for a bike path that is never used due to the high biker death rate when they due use it. Can't you see all the waste created at the federal level. I could name you thousands of unnecessary spending of the taxpayer moneies.

Lake Worth , FL