Representative Ted Deutch (D-FL 22nd)
5th-term Democrat from Florida.
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Rep. Ted Deutch
Sen. Marco Rubio

February 11, 2013

 there are many issues...but reducing our military when the world is more frightening and dangerous just does not make sense...unless none of you care about the people of this nation...we should be ramping up our nukes, improve our ships, aircraft, military, weapons, etc...and a star wars plan should be in play at this israel, balance a budget, and we need term limits on all of have lost your way...we are tired of your self-serving pay until you balance a budget...we are disgusted by your behaviors...and forget being politically correct...start telling the truth...a novel idea one where none of you can seem to do...get out of our way and let the people rule...because it seems you have no idea other than giving away the hard earned dollars of the working people to those who do zip...why not make all those on welfare our roads, bridges, clean our highways, volunteer in our public facilities like libraries, parks, is time for them to get off their butts and do something other than taking from those would work diligently

coral springs , FL