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2nd-term Republican from Pennsylvania.
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Don't Encourage Israel!!

Sen. Bob Casey
Sen. Patrick Toomey

March 18, 2013

S. Res. 65, the AIPAC/Lindsey Graham bill that tries to "pre-approve" US participation in an Israeli attack on Iran, is a TERRIBLE idea!

Israel is the WORST neighbor in the Middle East, chronically trying to pick fights with its neighbors and provoking other countries in its proximity. Didn't we learn anything from the mess in Iraq?

This resolution tries to move the "red line" for pre-emptive war with Iran from "preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon" to "preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability" " whatever that means.

America should be trying to rein-in the mad dogs in Israel, not encouraging them in their excesses and belligerence.

Use a LITTLE common sense! Please!

Lewisburg , PA