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2nd-term Republican from Pennsylvania.
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U.N. Small Arms Treaty

Sen. Bob Casey
Sen. Patrick Toomey

March 18, 2013

Senators, I am writing to encourage you to oppose the Small Arms Treaty currently proposed by the U.N.

Despite the lofty goals and high-minded language in this proposal, it does nothing substantive to deter bad behavior by individuals or state actors. It is however, another attempt by the liberal, Marxist and socialist elements in the current Administration (and I include Obama, Holder, Kerry and others) and its financial backers (George Soros, Saudia Arabia et al) to incrementally disarm the millions of law-abiding gun owners who stand as the last line of resistance against an oppressive government.

This proposal is a bad idea for America, and I encourage you to see it for what it is--an attempt to infringe on our Second Amendment--and vigorously oppose it.

Blandon , PA