Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA 4th)
6th-term Democrat from Georgia.
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Rep. Hank Johnson
Sen. Johnny Isakson

March 14, 2013

Stupid!!! That is all I can say about this. Our service personnel are paid a poverty wage (even factoring in housing, medical, etc.) and expect our government to adhere to its promises when they enlist.

Now to have the government withdraw this benefit that was PROMISED at enlistment, is beyond ridiculous, it is criminal.

I don't care that cuts have to be made but they need to be made intelligently. I do not see this happening anywhere.

Tax loop holes remain untouched, outdated programs remain untouched, so the most effective programs are gutted? And for what?

Don't tell me that its the President's takes both houses of congress to pass anything. The President cannot do much of anything without approval from you all.

You all in Washington need to stop playing at being a legislator and start working smartly and for the best interests of all citizens. Including our service personnel.

Snellville , GA