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March 7, 2013

New legislation is in the works that would make Israel a “major strategic ally,” a privileged relationship that no other nation enjoys. The bill, H.R. 938 United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2013, was introduced in the House by Ileana, a Republican and Ted Deutch, a Democrat, both from Florida. It would also protect aid to Israel from any future across-the-board budget cuts.

The legislation will make permanent a number of Washington-Tel Aviv interactions including annual defense assistance, military technology, energy research, and cyber security. It also calls for Israel to join the program that waives pre-arranged visas for select nationals entering the United States. Israel’s espionage activities are well-documented: lowering of visa standards can only lead to more infiltration. This bill creates a relationship that even Canada and Great Britain, who fought alongside American soldiers in WWII, do not enjoy.

We need a fair foreign policy that encourages peace and justice in the Middle East. Our Israel-first policies are blind to the injustices Israel is perpetrating against the Palestinians and make our efforts to isolate and marginalize Islamic terrorism much harder. Don't you see that?

Louisville , KY