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6th-term Democrat from Kentucky.
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Rep. John Yarmuth
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March 7, 2013

AIPAC and the Israel Lobby are demanding full funding for Israel’s war machine. They want to be exempt from sequestrationâ€"the mandatory reduction of all federal expenditures. Social Security payments are undergoing cuts. FBI expenditures are being reduced. Education Department services are decreasing. What about trimming the $3.2 billion in American military aid to Israel? Not one dime if the Israel Lobby gets its way. While not a specific bill, they are lobbying Congress for subtle changes to its sequestration statutes and procedures so Israel’s military pipeline to American tax dollars will not be affected.

Please protect us against this. Our Middle East foreign policy in not balanced and it hurts our efforts to isolate and marginalize Islamic terrorism...don't you see that? We are the US of America not the US of Israel!

Louisville , KY