Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO)
1st-term Republican from Colorado.
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Please take a moment to consider my letter

Sen. Michael Bennet
Sen. Cory Gardner

March 11, 2013

I am a registered voter. I am also an Army combat veteran of over 17 years of honorable service. I am a wounded warrior. I have spent the majority of my life in the far-flung areas of the world defending my country and, most importantly, the principles on which this country was founded. I love my country. Through my experiences, I have come to learn that what makes our country great are the rights guaranteed us to be inalienable by our constitution.

I have seen unimaginable tragedy through my several combat tours. I have seen similar tragedies here at home. The mass murders at Sandy Hook, Aurora, and many more are horrific. But as tragic as these incidents are, violating the very constitutional rights this country is founded on in their honor is the ultimate tragedy. Worse, these proposed measures are ineffective and illogical. They serve only to punish those who obey the law and do NOT address the perpetrators who commit these heinous acts.

I am outraged by all the gun control legislation that is winding its way through the state and federal government. It is a flagrant infringement on my constitutional rights and sets and unacceptable precedent for future legislation. Should you support ANY gun control legislation, I assure you that myself, my family, and all others that I am able to influence WILL vote for whoever is your main contender in the next election, regardless of his or her party.

My military upbringing has taught me not to bring up a problem without having a solution. My solution is simple. Start enforcing the laws that already exist. Allow citizens to exercise their constitutional rights to protect themselves in all places. Abolish gun-free zones that serve only to identify ready-made hunting grounds for those who would do us harm. Take the time to re-read the Constitution and US Bill of Rights. Read the US Supreme Court rulings that upheld these very principles. I have. It is very clear and non-negotiable. These documents identify rights that were granted us from our Creator, not you. Therefore you have no right to revoke them.

Gone are the days that our elected representatives can hide behind a cloak of apathy on the part of the American citizenry. The flagrant attacks on the rights that we hold dear have awoken the masses. We are watching. We will hold you accountable. Please abandon the infuriating party politics and do what we elected you to do and what you swore to do when you took office " protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

Parker , CO