Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO)
1st-term Republican from Colorado.
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Sen. Cory Gardner

February 25, 2013

 Dear Congressman Gardner,

I commend you for your reasonable and logical positions on the gun safety issue. It is clear that the most recent major open air rituals for programming mass consciousness played out in cities where the perpetrators knew there was little likelihood of being shot back at in self defense.

Though I am a Democrat, when the Obama staff wrote me last week seeking personal testimonials to promote their guns agenda, I wrote back that they should re-evaluate Chicago, which has some of the strongest gun control laws, and where more than 400 teens were murdered by guns last year, and more than 60 have been murdered by guns this year. Clearly, much deeper issues of economic, moral and cultural impoverishment are not being addressed.

A copy of this note will be sent to Colorado's two Democratic senators.


Las Animas , CO