Representative Sam Graves (R-MO 6th)
9th-term Republican from Missouri.
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Universal Background Check

Sen. Claire McCaskill
Rep. Sam Graves
Sen. Roy Blunt

March 13, 2013

The Universal Background Check is a backdoor way to have gun registration. DO NOT ALLOW this to happen. A person trying to complete a private sale must not need to go to a gun store to do paperwork to transfer a gun. In Missouri, gun stores would charge upwards of $40 to complete a transfer. Do not allow this to happen. This would only make law abiding citizens jump through hoops. The Gang members in Chicago won't be doing this. Adam Lanza wouldn't have murdered his mom then went to a gun store to "do a transfer" before going into that school. Does congress live in a dream world. Setup a Nics 2.0 for private sales that would allow a social security number to be typed in and an allow or deny would come back immediately. If a deny is not immediate then allow must be given. No delay only deny or proceed, if someone is not on the deny list then proceed, period. No entering what the purchase is, it does not matter what they are buying, if they are not a felon. No paperwork, it is a right... but once again I don't think a gang banger is going to do this, so once again it is a waste of time... Or you could just leave it the way it is and work on not sending this country into a spiral of welfare. Make government smaller and stop the waste. No one in Washington should be spending money the way they do now. It is sickening that it is happening. Start working for the People and not for the "Dollar" and the "Power"!

Kansas City , MO