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9th-term Republican from Missouri.
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Sen. Claire McCaskill
Rep. Sam Graves
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March 12, 2013

I am curious to know (Being a Retired Veteran) if any of my Elected Representatives agree with that that UnAmerican Moron Dianne Feinstein when she Branded all Returning Veterans as Mental Defectives and should not be allowed to own firearms, the Hysterical responses to Gun Violence by the Democrats are beyond the Pale in schools all across the nation teachers are castigating little children in front of their class mates for bringing any thing to school that either might (in their Imaginations) resemble a Gun or God forbid a Soldier, when I was on active Duty and in a Combat Situation I thanked God that my Father taught me how to handle a Weapon and thank God for the Daisey Pump BB Gun where I learned to aquire a sight picture it probably saved my life and got me through the various situations I encountered during my career. I and every other Veteran that I know are Furious and that the current Administration Who claims to have such a high regard (For their American Heroes) could actually have such little regard for the Troops as to call them Mental Cases when they get Home, How dare you insult them in such a manner.And as for you Claire I am so sorry that that you were offended by having to undergo a Pat Search by the TSA (Welcome to our World) you are lucky to have off with that, had I conducted it I would have called in a Female Officer and had her conduct a full Strip Search including a Body Cavity Search just to make sure we are all kept Safe, God bless America!!!!!!!!!!!  

Stewartsville , MO