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9th-term Republican from Missouri.
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Do not award Israel "Major Strategic Ally" status

Sen. Claire McCaskill
Rep. Sam Graves
Sen. Roy Blunt

March 5, 2013

Do not allow for the reordering of our relationship with Israel to "Major Strategic Ally" under the funding of the DoD umbrella. It is plain for all to see this is a maneuver to avoid budget cuts. Israel must face all the cuts everyone else must face. We are cutting WIC (women infant and children welfare program), cutting veteran's health care and benefits, cutting government jobs at all levels in all agencies, and cutting US foriegn aid across the board. Showing great selfishness Israel is unwilling to take the brunt of these measures like the rest of us? No way!! Do not allow for this shameful maneuver by AIPAC and other pro-Israel supporters to protect Israel from funding cuts we must all face. Classifying Israel as "Major Strategic Ally" to avoid cuts is unethical, cunning and deceptive. That Israel would try (via AIPAC and others) to avoid the monetary cuts we all must face by maneuvering politically to fall under DoD funding of some design by claiming to be US's "Major Strategic Ally" is not only unethical, unfriendly but unacceptable. Israel is NOT a major strategic alliance to or for the United States. Israel is self serving and this designation is not in the best interest of the United States and our Armed Forces. Please take the initiative to stop this nonsense from continuing before it is somehow accepted as a policy with in the Obama Administration, the Department of Defense, or any other United States agencies. This is a shameful greedy purely political maneuver that must be stopped. Thank you.

Unionville , MO