Representative Steve Stivers (R-OH 15th)
4th-term Republican from Ohio.
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Rep. Steve Stivers
Sen. Sherrod Brown
Sen. Rob Portman

March 8, 2013

I want to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the passing of the Sequester Bill. My husband is a Federal employee and has been a member of the Ohio Air National Guard for 29 years. I fail to see how punishing the loyal military member and Federal employee, who gets up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to head to work and commits one weekend out of every month to fulfill his drill commitment, is a good idea on any level. He was not responsible for the financial debt that you all got this country into, so I do not feel it is fair to make my husband pay it back by reducing our family's monthly income by almost $900. Furthermore, I fail to understand why the members of Congress are exempt from sequestration? Rest assured that no incumbent will get my vote when the time comes for them to run for re-election.

Grove City , OH