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2nd-term Republican from Arkansas.
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UN reopens talks on arms trade treaty

Lt. Governor Tim Griffin
Sen. John Boozman

March 18, 2013

 I am Angry! Our own government cannot keep its own affairs in order. Massive spending and debt, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and our Constitution is under attack. Our Constitution isn’t just under attack from within but from outside as well. According to the OMB the last reported yearly cost of the UN to the U.S. alone was in FY 2010 and they exceeded $7.691 billion. Congress isn’t asking OMB for updated reports because they fear what exactly? Could it be $10 billion or more? I expect it’s even higher than that and for what in return? So the UN can dictate to the U.S. how we run our own house? The UN Arms Trade Treaty is ludicrous at best for the U.S. to even consider let alone ratify. I love my country, but you people in Washington are starting to REALLY SCARE ME!


North Little Rock , AR