Senator John Boozman (R-AR)
2nd-term Republican from Arkansas.
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Support Sustainable Ag in the Farm Bill

Sen. John Boozman

March 11, 2013

 Dear Senator Boozman,

I am writing to urge you to protect sustainable agriculture and beginning farmer programs in the Farm Bill. I work in the Horticulture Department at the University of Arkansas and have seen the impact these programs make.

I have personally been involved with educational programs funded through the USDA's Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program and have seen the impact the educational programming made on participants. I taught young and beginning farmers at the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture how to start a market farm and how to practice sustainable farming methods. This program received great reviews from participants, many of them wanting to come back again for the next year's program. And we saw a lot of these beginning farmers actually put in to practice the sustainable methods we were teaching.

I am also a strong proponent of sustainable and organic agriculture. I believe that the way we grow our food has a huge impact on our personal heath and the health of our environment. Many of the programs that have educated me about sustainable agriculture have been federally funded, through SARE and other grant programs. These programs are making a big difference on our agricultural landscape and we need continuity to affect lasting change.

For the good of our community, our security, and our environment, please protect sustainable ag and beginning farmer programs from being cut out of the farm bill!

Fayetteville , AR