Representative Frank D. Lucas (R-OK 3rd)
13th-term Republican from Oklahoma.
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Rep. Frank Lucas
Sen. James Inhofe

February 20, 2013

 Are we really going to send weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?! You want to take weapons from the hands of good Americans and break our Constitutional Right and at the same time, give weapons to our enemies! You've got to be kidding! This is ludicrous. Honestly, what is wrong with you people. You all need to take a lesson from Dr Ben Carson. He was not afraid to speak about how bad this administrations policies were right in front of the POTUS. Quit worrying about getting re-elected, or your own skeletons in the closet, and do right by those that elected you. This country is going down the tubes under this administration. This culture of dependence on the government is weakening our nation. All this political correctness crap is just that, crap! And someone (POTUS) needs to held accountable for Bengazi. What happened is shameful. Everyday I see this administration tell more lies about how wonderful they're doing and demonizing anyone with a different view on their policies. It just makes me sick to think about the direction this president is taking us....down.

PROTECT OUR RIGHTS! Use common sense and logic when it comes to foreign policy. We've got to stop this government dependency trend, it is way out of hand.

Every government official should watch Dr Ben Carson's speech and they all definitely need to listen to what Brigette Gabriel has to say about our Muslim problem. Please take the time to do so.

Guthrie , OK