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February 27, 2013

 Dear sir,
I was searching for a cell phone serve plan that is cheaper. I thought since I was a senior and on a fix income, I could get a cheaper plan. This is what I found our:

National Senior plan:
@29.99 for 200 minutes.

Live line Plan:
FREE for 250 minutes and 250 text msg.
If you pay just $5 you double the plan

Is this right that a person who has worked, saved and did the responsible thing to be outdone again.
Less be honest if you add up all the "freebies" that loser income persons get it will add up to more then what the working middle class gets.
I am a Democrat, always been but if you keep giving away the farm to those who do not make responsible choices...Then I am getting off the ship. I do believe in charity but this is getting a little ridiculous!

waynesboro , PA