Representative Betty McCollum (D-MN 4th)
10th-term Democrat from Minnesota.
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Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Rep. Betty McCollum

February 15, 2013

I am not a gun owner. I am just a concerned citizen who has looked into the issue of the AWB and this is what I've come up with."Assault weapons" is just a term coined politicians. Assault RIFLES were banned in the 80's. These rifles are no different than hunting rifles. Ban high capacity magazines? Almost every major shooting involving an "assault weapon" in the U.S lately has been committed by using standard capacity magazines so what is your reasoning? We have a higher rate of gun violence than countries that have banned guns, I will not deny that. But many of those countries have a higher rate of violence overall. A study shows that in 2011 assault weapons were only in 0.6% of gun related murders. FBI data also shows there were 323 deaths causes by rifles of any kind in 2011 whereas there were 2190 deaths caused by blunt weapons and knives. I'm not trying to argue. I just don't see a valid reason that justifies a ban. Even if the ban goes through and our guns are taken away from us it doesn't stop a criminal from being a criminal. Guns give the people a responsibility. Gun owners take extra precaution and feel like they have a duty to do the right thing. And by proxy others are more conscientious and civil. Remember Florida in the 1980's? Not a great time. So they decided to pass a law allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons and what happened? The crime rate decreased signifantly. So you're trying to save lived by taking guns away? Isn't that counterproductive? In fact, this research and this issue has inspired me to become a law enforcement officer, to do the right thing as every man and women should. Speaking doing the right thing, what is being done about mental health? Isn't that the real issue? I've been a democrat my entire life. I've lived in a democratic state my entire life. But I look at as many statistics as possible, not just the ones I want to see and it doesn't make sense to me that we're wasting our time on something isn't a problem. We are not fighting for gun ownership. We are fighting for our rights. If we let you take away one right who's to say others won't take away more? I'm a liberal. But I'm a liberal who enjoys my rights. Thank you for your time.

Woodbury , MN