Senator James M. Inhofe (R-OK)
5th-term Republican from Oklahoma.
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Rep. Tom Cole
Sen. James Inhofe

March 14, 2013

Dear Honorable Sirs

We the people of the United States put you into office by our votes. Your are in office to work for us and your not doing your job. If I was appointed into a job to do and don't perform to the expetations of others I would be fired or force to resign so what makes you any better than the rest of the people in the United States that hold no office position. I think that all elected officials should not be in office no more than two terms. If it is good enough for the president then it is good enough for all elected officials. So now you can't pass a budget so the people of the United States has to suffer through a Furlough which will intern effect the all ready wrecked econamey. People will start losing thier item thats supports and sustain exsistance in life. So I now will be losing about $800.00 a month so something will suffer. Is it my home, vehicle, utilities, groceries, fuel for my vehicle. But what do you care because none of this effects you because you won't cut these earmark bills or cut foreign aid that has nothing to do with the nation as a whole but in turn you cut the budget of agencies that has everything to do with the nation as a whole. Now lets talk about foreign aid. These counties that you guys give foriegn aid to has no interest in the United States except for the tax payers dollars. Wither it is logestic or a monetary aid they will end up using it against us. I demand no more foriegn aid because we must take care of our selfs before taking care of someone else because if you take care of someone else you will end up in the poor house and thats where we are headed here in the United States and do you think another country will give us foriegn aid, I think not. The polititions is always putting the blame on the other party but the blame lays upon the American people by keeping career polititions in office that has more than two terms. I say get off the pot and get the job done before you go home when bills, issues and other unfinished buisness that is still open on the table. Also elected officials need to start paying their way like every working poor person in the United States. If you can't do the job for the good of the Americam people as a whole then resign.

Geronimo , OK