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All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Budget:
Budget Fight Affecting American's Trust in Congress.

Sen. James Inhofe

March 9, 2013


I've been watching this closely and listening to the general public and to friends.

This deeply concerns me.

Information concerning how our budget is spent is being widely argued and families here seeing the fighting are becoming very distrustful of anyone in Congress. This includes the House of Representatives, Senate, and Administration within the White House.

Serious discussion between familes here concerning what they see as "waistful" spending grows and some issues that have come up are as follows.

They are in order of how I've heard them rated.

1. White house spending - Spending of $1 millin and more on long-lasting vacations and Golf games while Obama is in office. The general public feels that's a "lavish" expense. Taxpaers view this similarly to the rule in tax law that a "lavish" expense in the Medical and Dental, and in te Employee related expenses isn't allowed. They feel it shouldn't be allowed there either. That should be a personal hobby and not a part of taxpayer expenses. This should be eliminated.

2. Free cell phones. The $2.2 billion spent on free cell phones is not being used for what it was meant to be used for. The expense should be much less. I've personally seen a person receive up to 4 of these "free cell phones", and using them for illegal purposes. One sold 3 of his for cash to others. It's widely known that drug trade has become a serious issues using these phones and some are getting illegal income from charging others for the use of them. There's no oversight on this program. This should be seriously controlled. Furthermore, people who need them the most aren't getting them. This needs significant overhal.

3. Famers seriously in an uproar over cuts to funding of farming activities and known waist in how it's funded. Farmers here are considering closing their operations due to llack of funding in a poor market with respect to farming. Food prices are arleady over-hiked due to profit taking in the accounting sector, and reduced control of other areas of profit taking with respect to businesses itself. Farmers grow what's eaten. Even though others have a say in it's processing and there are costs, fuel costs and the greed in those areas mentioned have created overpayment at the register and serious distrust with Congress working to stop the payments to farmers has grown. If food producing areas close this means less food. Less food will mean higher prices. Higher prices will further destablize the entire echomony. That alone will increas distrust and result in further actions in the next election. People will find another representative or senator or President to take office more in tune to what they need.

4. Disaster Relief. People are seing the overall picture and they're asking what happens if we have another disaster. I'm very involved in weather and have a long-term and well recognized knowledge of how our weather works. I've seen disasters unfold in my life and seen how Congress and Administration works to get what's needed. But the fight over the present budget has those areas where volunteers work who aren't paid a thing wondering how those same areas we're spending wildly on will cause further issues in the rebuilding process in future disasters. This is creating anxiety in this area. The genral call is to provide a generalized fund just for disasters that isn't touched by any other area and seperate from anyone. And for that fund not to be paying accountants high wages... They're worried just as many Americans are.

These are the two 4 issues i've heard from so far.

I hope this gets through - I've been asked ot at least bring this to the table.

Please please pleas look at these issues and consider reducing the budget in these areas and helping those in need - we have to have food, shelter and clothing. Hard to eat a cell phone, and harder t sit and go "Oh well... Our budget for food went to a Golf club".

Thank you for listening... I hope something can be done.

Miami , OK