Representative Tim Walberg (R-MI 7th)
5th-term Republican from Michigan.
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Rep. Tim Walberg
Sen. Debbie Stabenow

February 27, 2013

 Dear Representative Walberg,

I am writing to ask you why you and your party are so adamant about making the spending cuts that are going to harm the middle class and not make any spending cuts the would effect corporate America?
There are many corporate subsidies that are clearly unneeded, and yet these corporations continue to get them. Why have I heard not one word about cutting this spending? The Oil Corporations have been scalping the entire nation for years, and yet they continue to get Federal subsidies.
Is this just more proof that the Republican Party is still the protector of the rich? Your refusal to close loopholes seems to be more of the same.
I don't care why you and your party can't serve your President, but I find it nearly treasonous that you have for two years, refused to serve the true needs of the People of this nation, to 'play at politics' and make up 'emergencies' that simply must be dealt with asap. While your party plays your high school games the nation is suffering.
Oh, I know that you and most of your comrades in Congress are above this suffering, but you were not sent to Washington D. C. to serve yourselves or your own poliitical games.
This nation will only take so much of your asinine misbehaviour. Isn't it time you rethought your oath of office?

Lansing , MI