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5th-term Republican from Michigan.
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Rep. Tim Walberg
Sen. Debbie Stabenow

February 22, 2013

 Dear Senator Levin

I am writing to ask you to author a bill concerning the victims of natural disasters. It concerns the Federal Aid that goes to the areas that are struck by these disasters. The bill should make it law that the first place to receive the government funds is the lowest income area of the region hit by the disaster.
It would make the best and most economical use of the first Federal Aid dollars. These areas would be the cheapest to return to a 'normal' state of living, and show the nation that the Government does stand behind All of it's citizens.
Additionally, it would help to prevent struck cities from becoming slums where it is only a storm that has caused the slum and the poor recovery from it, that has degraded the area. This is not good for the city nor is it good for America.
We claim to be a compassionate People, yet the proof was sadly lacking after Katrina. After Sandy, Our Congress behaved as if aid to the victims was coming out of their own pockets! And still the poorest areas struck in both of those disasters, are in ruins. But what of the well off neighborhoods? Their lives have returned to normal.
Why is this so? Are We not beleivers of the tenet to go to the aid of Our neighbor? To lend the needed support to Our fellow American? Are not the poor, exactly, Our neighbors and fellow Americans who are need of Our support, help from the strength of this great Unionhood?
I am proud to see my tax dollars go to the aid of the victims of natural disasters, but I am tired and my soul is sickened of seeing them always going to the rich, the well off, first, and only the poor, and the needy last.

Lansing , MI