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18th-term Democrat from Ohio.
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Rep. Marcy Kaptur
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March 14, 2013

Dear President Obama:
What part of "Social Security does not contribute to the deficit" don't you understand? You need to quit trotting around the country being unclear as to what programs you're cutting and where you're increasing wasteful spending. Get a computer and search the Internet for info on Social Security. There's a lot on the Social Security Administration websites. Saying that you are going to strengthen Social Security is a bunch of bull. Cutting benefits will increase SocSec surplus and allow more money for the gov't to "borrow". Twenty years from now when the SocSec Trust Fund is doubled, Congress will still be wrongfully complaining that SocSec contributes to the deficit and benefits must be cut. Stand up for what's right, fair and just!!! No cuts to Social Security.

Toledo , OH