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18th-term Democrat from Ohio.
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Rep. Marcy Kaptur

March 13, 2013

Has Domestic Courts gone to Far

The sorry state of our Domestic Courts in this state is a Mess. The top courts have ordered the lower courts to get on with these long dragged out court hearing. Some drag on for years. Everyone is getting rich off our Kids. By the time all the fighting is over and the money is gone, the kid are old enough to live on their own. Parents are dragging the other one though the courts and the kids watch this with one parent turning the kids against each other.
The mass incarceration of one parent (norm is the Father) has helped to contribute to
the cycle of less fathers. It takes two to make a child, why can’t both pay the same.
In both of my family cases, the mother made 100% more than the Father, but the male was order to may most support.
Plus the mass use of Protection orders on one Parent against the other when there was never any offence or stalking . Just a tool they can use. I don’t have anything against the
“Protection Order” it is just so easy to get and is now used everyday. These are five year charges, mostly on Father. Anther thing, when the Mother is the beard winner and they divorce, the Father always made to pay the most.

A 75 year old Grandfather of 12, watching this for years. There is no end to it. Please help
They grow-up so fast.
I too have been charged with Stalking for
fileing for grandfathers rights.the Judge said that was Stalking. So I can not see 3 of my 12 grand-kids for the rest of my life.
Thank you.

LaGrange , OH