Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-OH 9th)
18th-term Democrat from Ohio.
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Sen. Sherrod Brown
Rep. Marcy Kaptur
Sen. Rob Portman

March 8, 2013

 Why should I trust a government that ignores the Constitution when it pleases to do so? Do you think you will when us over this way? Election time will be your reckoning hour! The only effect your gun ban will have is that murders will switch from guns to knives bats hammers etc. and the law abiding citizen will be left defenseless against multiple attackers! You ignore the F.B.I. statistics on crime and try to pass laws that you know will not work! We already have background checks, it’s already illegal to straw purchase guns. It’s already illegal for felons and known gang members to own firearms, does that stop them? It must be that you have a much different agenda than what you are telling the American people! If you’re a true American I urge you to vote against the gun ban and magazine limits and any backdoor legislation! You want to gain the vote of the people, do the right thing. Your vote will without question determine my vote come election time!

Lorain , OH