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12th-term Republican from Ohio.
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Rep. Steve Chabot

March 7, 2013

 Israel's lobbying group AIPAC is lobbying for exemption from sequestration. This is absurd. Israels economy is stronger than the USA's. Israel is not laying off teachers and fire fighters. They are building new schools. They are building new roads and mass transit systems, while many of our bridges are in danger of collapse. Israel wants us to reduce our military readiness in order to send them money. This is not what an ally asks for.
I will be watching your actions regarding funding for Israel, and I will make sure everyone I know is aware of your position, whichever way you decide.
I am also concerned about HR 938. Israel is engaged in apartheid. This was acknowledged long ago by Ben Gurion. The Israeli press speaks of it; it is talked about in the Knesset. If it were any other country, it would be the recipient of sanction. The US has supported Israel for approximately three quarters of a century. That is long enough. It is time Israel learns to stand on it's own and figures out how to get along with it's neighbors. It must stop seizing Palestinian lands, and return to it's 1967 borders. It is time to stop sending our money to Israel when it is needed at home. Remember the USS Liberty. Our real allies do not treat us that way.

Cincinnati , OH