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Illegal immigration is a growing problem in the United States - No Pathway

Governor Mike DeWine

December 20, 2006

I support the ICE effort in Boise. We need MORE enforcement. Our borders and ports are NOT secure. I want safety and security on my desk. Your comprehensive immigration plan is morally wrong and will not work, with out enforcement first.

(today's news)
Boise, Idaho -- Illegal immigration is a growing problem in the United States and Idaho is no exception.

"There was a need here to address the fugitive alien population," said Steven Branch of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Because of that, U.S. Immigration is establishing a new fugitive operations team in Boise. Tuesday, Idaho Sen. Larry Craig and Branch made the announcement. Now, a nationwide search is ongoing to find seven people for the team. The hope is that it will be operational by spring.

"They will be addressing this fugitive alien population 100 percent of the time. That is the top priority, to go out locate them and apprehend them," said Branch.

A fugitive alien is a person who has violated immigration laws by being ordered to deport and failing to comply with the judges orders. This new team will give authorities one more tool in the fight against illegal immigration.

"Congress is serious about this, that we get this immigration issue under control," said Craig.

In the past, cities with a larger population of fugitive aliens have established this type of team. In Boise's case it wasn't so much a dire need, but more to do with location.

"As the review of where these teams should be deployed it becomes clear there are better geographic locations that can respond to this population and be responsive to state federal and local law enforcement," said Branch.

But are we fighting a losing battle? According to Craig, we are making strides in several areas, especially border control, that in the long run will contribute to the declining number of illegals.

"There will always be efforts to breach a border by illegals, but if you work hard at it you can lessen that," said Craig.

Gahanna , OH