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Take Their Troop Surge In Iraq And SHOVE IT

Attorney General Mike DeWine

December 20, 2006

As the parents of a Soldier serving an extended second combat tour in Iraq, our New Year's resolution for Congress is that Congress should force the President to begin troop withdrawls from Iraq in 2007.

It is astonishing to remember that a mere six years ago George Bush campaigned on the accusation that the Clinton administration had let the readiness of our military deteriorate. Today nearly all our military experts, even those speaking at peril to their careers, agree that our armed forces have been broken by the strategically idiotic occupation of Iraq. And yet the Bush administration has now coined yet another slogan for "stay the course," in utter and diffident defiance of the will of American people. They are trying to sell us on yet just one more "surge" in Iraq, perhaps the one that will finally break our own backs. What Germany could not do in World War II, what Japan could not do, George Bush has singlehandedly nearly accomplished already, the destruction of our armed forces.

The last response our military family received from Senator George Voinovich of Ohio when asked if he favored cutting funding to the Selective Service Agency, disbanding Draft Boards, and cease the collection of data on young American men who would not VOLUNTEER to go to Iraq or Afghanistan, Senator Voinovich replied that although our Armed Forces is currently voluntary President Bush still requires access to THE DRAFT should there be a military crisis. When the President of the United States goes on national television and admits we are losing the ground war in Iraq, our military family would define that as a military crisis? In fact, putting America's military families through hell this past four years is our definition of a military crisis Senator Voinovich, but it is clear to us that those in Congress making these decisions have no one in harms way.

There is only one possible outcome from more such bull headed obstinacy, a surge in casualties, a surge in red ink budget deficits, and sadly yes, a SURGE in insurgency. At a time when many are worried about how to logistically extract the troops we have there already, what the Bush administration is looking to do is to drive even faster going the wrong way on the freeway. And IF there were to be a further increase now, it would push off prospects of any meaningful withdrawal for another couple years, conveniently until the currently scheduled end of the Bush presidency. What is this silly talk about two to three months? It would take longer than that just to get more troops in. Are supporters of this idea nuts? They most certifiably are.

And worse yet, Harry Reid was just quoted as saying he might go along with their "surge" lunacy. How much is he getting in campaign contributions from the Defense Industry to think this way. What makes him any differnet from the NEOCON he is replacing? He really needs to hear from us. American deaths from roadside bombs in Iraq are even now at their highest rate ever. There is no honor whatsoever in sending our brave troops into a rigged fight. There is no defense against such weapons, at least none which our troops are likely to ever be given. Our troops are in a shooting gallery where it is impossible to tell friend from foe. They are dying for absolutely no other reason but politicians (from both parties) who are too cowardly to admit they were wrong, with the pathological liars in the White House at the top of the indictment.

In closing, our military family is sick and tired of getting those disrespectful form letters from do nothing politicians in Washington that talk down to us, question our intelligence, or patronize us. Stop playing politics with the lives of other peoples children the way you budget other people's money.

As of this date, one out of three of our Congressional Representative are Democrats, god pray come 2008 that will be three out of three.

Enough already,

Beavercreek , OH