Senator Richard M. Burr (R-NC)
3rd-term Republican from North Carolina.
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Rep. Mark Meadows
Sen. Richard Burr

March 18, 2013


With the recent approval of both the Schumer and Feinstein gun control bills by the Senate Judiciary Committee, I would like to reaffirm my view on these bills. Both of these bills do nothing to curb gun violence or save lives. They instead hamstring American citizens trying to defend themselves and liberty. These bills have been claimed by their own drafters as ineffective solutions to gun violence, but instead they are the initial push in the complete disarmament of the American people. I will actively campaign against and vote against any public official who supports this issue. I will also support all movements to impeach and/or recall these officials trampling on our Constitutional rights.

I would also like to speak briefly about the proposed UN Gun Treaty which seems to be getting a lot of support from the President, contrary to his stance during the election. I understand that the implications of this bill are being blown out of proportion by the extreme right, but maybe there is a sliver of truth in their rhetoric. More importantly though I see this treaty as a hindrance to the freedom of people around the world in countries with oppressive regimes. Look no further for evidence of this than the fervent support of this treaty by countries like Iran, China and Syria.

Thank you for listening and thank you for your service to our country.

Brevard , NC