Representative David E. Price (D-NC 4th)
15th-term Democrat from North Carolina.
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Sen. Richard Burr
Rep. David Price

February 28, 2013


Due to the recent and tragic events across our country we now face renewed threats to our Constitutional rights. While I understand how painful the loss must be for those touched by these tragedies, blaming firearms or their owners and restricting them is not the answer to the challenges we face as a nation.

We already have laws that were violated by men who committed these crimes. These men broke a virtual laundry list of these laws to commit these heinous crimes, and one more would not have prevented these tragedies from happening. I am asking for you to stand up for me as your constituent and vote against any proposed legislation banning any type of firearm or limiting magazine capacity. As a veteran, I have fought for these rights and now I’m asking you to fight for these rights for me. As a voter, we have elected you to represent us and our rights and that’s what I am asking you to do now.

If your true goal is to protect our children, then enact legislation that will do that. Banning firearms that are rarely used in crime (less than 1% of the time) is not going to stop such tragedies; this was proven in 1999 when the Columbine shooting took place under the 1994 ban. Do something meaningful, please. Make committing the insane easier. Put armed security guards in our schools. But do not strip us of our rights and property by passing additional anti-gun laws that have historically had no positive effect on crime in our nation or others. To quote a founding father;
”If we restrict liberty to attain security we will lose them both.”

Thank you.

Raleigh , NC