Representative David E. Price (D-NC 4th)
15th-term Democrat from North Carolina.
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Sen. Richard Burr
Rep. David Price

February 21, 2013

I am writing as your constituent in the 2nd Congressional district of Colorado. I oppose S.150 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, and am tracking it using, the free public resource website for government transparency and accountability.

In direct response to the four main points that President Obama put forth regarding this proposed ban on "assault weapons", I respectfully submit the following:

1) Universal background check for anyone to purchase a gun: Universal does not take criminals into account; it is only inclusive of law-abiding purchasers who follow the legal channels of obtaining firearms, and therefore universal background checks chiefly affect the legal citizens very much to their detriment--since the balance of power and threat would shift to the side of the criminals.

2) Ban military-style assault weapons and limit magazines to ten [or fifteen] rounds: Large magazine volume and rapid fire weapons are absolutely essential for protecting innocents against those who would use similar hardware to destroy the lives of innocents. Do not arm the criminal by disarming the good, law-abiding American. Furthermore, this "assault weapon" label is bogus and ridiculous, as it only defines certain arms on purely cosmetic grounds--and is thus unfounded, aimed at scare tactics for the naive voters who have not educated themselves about firearms, and entirely misses the point.

3) Toughen law enforcement with regards to selling guns to those who would turn around and use them illegally or sell them to criminals: How? Federally checked gun sales essentially only regulate and document sales to law-abiding citizens; the proposed legislation does not identify would-be first-time offenders--and neither does it identify hardened criminals, who circumnavigate conventional venues of purchase that require background checks and instead obtain arms through illegal channels.

4) More law enforcement officers: What law-abiding, America-loving citizen would not support greater staffing and funding for law enforcement at all levels? However, law enforcement officers almost invariably respond and arrive at the scene after the fact, as they are the first to admit. The first and often only line of defense is and must be at the hands of the would-be victim citizen.

Obama stated at least twice that these measures have the support of the vast majority of Americans, including members NRA: He also states that congress has historically refused to pass such bills as the banning of assault rifles; these legislators roughly represent a cross-section of their voting constituency, so does it nott beg to be asked whether or not the “vast majority” is truly supportive of these measures? Is it possible that Obama has taken NRA members’ perspectives out of context?

Stiffer "anti-gun laws" result in higher crime--and THIS is universal, historically on the domestic front and also around the world. Anti-crime laws, many of which are already in the books, should be upheld and enforced. Actions to promote societal change that address and contend with mental health must be proactively supported.

I solemnly implore you to be guided by your conscience, the collective will of your constituents, and the sacred nature of our United States Constitution and the Second Amendment therein: Align yourself not with any attempt to reduce or trivialize the American freedom--and Natural Right of Man--to defend one's self, family, and home. Support the right to own and bear arms at all cost, as this is the only means to insure that the lives of law-abiding citizens are protected and preserved.

fort bragg , NC