Representative Walter B. Jones (R-NC 3rd)
12th-term Republican from North Carolina.
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Gun LAw Proposals

Sen. Richard Burr
Rep. Walter Jones

March 13, 2013

 It's time to stop focusing these gun control efforts on the tiny percentage of law abiding citizens and instead focus on the real problem - the criminal. The vast majority of crimes committed with a firearm are 1) not committed by someone who legally purchased the firearm and 2) nor with a firearm that was obtained from a legal sale or transfer. They are committed by criminals!
So instead of trying to pass laws that will restrict the ability of law abiding citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, how about passing a law that deals with the people who really are the problem? I would like to see you introduce a law that requires a mandatory 10 year, no parole sentence anytime someone brings a firearm to a crime. That would be on top of (not in conjunction with) any sentence they get for committing a crime. THAT would at least be an action that is focused on the criminal and the real problem instead of the legal gun owner who is not.

Havelock , NC