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4th-term Republican from California.
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Rep. Jeff Denham
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

February 10, 2013

 Dear congress,
Today I wright to you on behalf of the laws related to filing our taxes for the your of 2012. Tax experts, including the IRS, have brought to my attention a law that requires a certain age to be eligible for a certain credit called (EIC) earned income credit. This law helps out a merried couple with no dependants ,( in my occasion) that has made over a certain amount of income throughout the year. To my knowledge so far I believe the tax laws charge taxes to all equally when making a certain amount of income a year. Wich in my point of view I am paying the same taxes other married couples with dependants are paying wich i believe is correct. Then the law breaks down out of subject when it reads, "only those age 25-64 can be qualified for a EIC" (in my words), for earning a such amount and being yet old enough where the married couple with no dependants proves to be mature and independent. This is the climax of my situation, I am age 20 turning 21, my wife age 18 turning 19 with no dependants. My wife till this day attending school full time and me as the husband and responsable man I urge to be works full time. I am merried with no dependants making the equal income as elderly merried couples are. I pay taxes in equality as they do. Now, I yet am not eligible to qualify for an EIC since I chose to be responsable and mature at a younger age. In my point of view if I pay equal tax for earning the equal amount as a twenty-five year old merried couple with no dependants, why am I not eligible for a credit that they are eligible for when I am under the same roof they are livening in?

Ceres , CA