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4th-term Republican from California.
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All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Guns/Weapons:
A letter to the president

Rep. Jeff Denham
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

February 5, 2013

following is a letter I just sent to the president through, it expresses sentiments I would like to share with you as well.

Hello Mr. President,
When I that you had recently said you "go shooting all the time" I was skeptical to say the least. the to see a picture of you actually firing on a skeet range was down right shocking. I inherited a pump shotgun from my grandpa which i have used to shoot trap several times prior to joining the military. On my first deployment i had a opportunity to order a semi-automatic rifle that bears a striking resemblance to the m-4 carried by most troops, my unit carried m-16s, this fire arm bears the insignia of the brigade i deployed with and holds allot of sentimental value for me. I don't intend to fire it often though i will us it recreationally on occasion.
Some of the gun legislation you are currently in support of will prevent me from passing these two fire arms on to my children. and due to the fact that i frequently move between states on short notice may threaten me ability just to keep them.
I believe that if you are to have the best chance of saving one life, or many, you must focus on the perpetrators of crimes rather than painting with the broad brush you now hold. Conversely, I believe your stated goal of lifting limits placed on your ability to investigate the causes of gun violence is too narrow we should be seeking to understand the causes of all violence be it with fist, boot, lumber, hammer, car, gun or any other handy tool. Further more this goal will be aided by removing policies and avoiding actions actions which serve to undermine respect for other people, including those that disagree with you, or general respect for life. But, that is the subject of another letter.
You will likely receive another copy of this letter as I plan on forwarding it to my legislators through

Oakdale , CA